Working with Newcastle University

We are currently working with a team of students from Newcastle University, looking at ways to enhance and extend our range by Summer 2016. We are now at the stage where we will have a prototype of the NOMAD Savannah on the 6th May 2016. This is exciting news for us as this will be our first motorised version of the NOMAD. It will link to the mechanics of the users own motorised wheelchair, allowing the user to be completely independent. There will no longer be a need for someone to push them around! Once this prototype has been fully tested we aim to show this to the public in mid May and pass the technical instructions to our manufacturers for production.

Our vision is to engineer solutions at an affordable price, enabling people to explore where they want, how they want, without unfair or arbitrary limits. With new innovative ideas we aim to expand our product range enabling anyone to explore where they want, at any time of the year. With the research and development we are undertaking with the students from the university, valuable input from end users like Steve Wilkinson and the manufacturing skills of Barrington Metalworks (a locally based company), we aim realise this vision.